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Don Wexler

CEO, Chief Vision Holder

Don brings his extensive background in entrepreneurship to the table having started his first venture in 1979. His successful ventures span the food industry, real estate sales and development, mortgage lending, real estate investment software, and internet marketing services.
Don’s ability to look down the road and chart successful paths has been key to the evolution of Lightwave Mobile as it transitions from an SMS platform into a full-blown one-stop-shop communications marketing hub.

Phone: (800) 854-8972

Michael “Mike” Blackman


Co-founder and CTO of Lightwave Mobile, Mike is responsible for all aspects of company computer systems, from internal CRM system operation and hosting, to reports, source-code management, to final end-user product and data-center operations. Mike has 30 years experience with all aspects of software development and engineering, and understands the difference between just writing a program and designing and implementing an architecture that is reliable and robust. He has a B.S. in Engineering from Michigan State University, followed by 20+ years experience within major I.T. organizations, including 15 years with Chevron and ADP.

Mike’s fascination with computers and software goes back to his preteen years, when he was fortunate enough to have access to a computer through the public school system during the time PCs were just coming to the market. His enjoyment of video games drove him not just to play them, but to understand how they worked and to create them. Pre-college credits include the publication of over a dozen Vic-20 and Commodore 64 video games, and while other kids were flipping burgers, Mike landed a part-time job programming before graduating high-school.

Mike began college as an Electrical Engineering student, and gained an engineering foundation. He graduated from Michigan State University in 1990 with a Bachelors of Science degree in Computer Engineering and a Minor in Engineering.

He has continued to expand his knowledge and expertise in the field, working with several fortune-100 companies on large-scale systems, across various technologies. Mike’s focus is on designing and building systems that “just work” and don’t need support.

Phone: (800) 854-8972