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Chambers/Downtown Assoc.

Mobile Marketing for Chambers of Commerce and Downtown Associations

The push to encourage consumers to buy locally has never been greater…particularly in light of recent economic times.

Of how much value would it be to your Chamber or Association if you could increase your revenue while driving thousands, possibly tens of thousands, of new customers into each of your member’s businesses?


With the Lightwave Mobile Marketing Platform… You Now Can!

Using Lightwave Mobile’s proprietary Scavenger Hunt feature, everyone wins.  Let’s take a look at a sample scenario:

You, as the Association or Chamber head put the word out to your members the details of the promotional event and ask all those that are interested to contact you. Let’s say 30 businesses choose to participate and let’s assume that each participating business has 1,000 customers come through their doors each month.

Now the very nature of a Scavenger Hunt, is that in order to win, you have to go to all the specified locations and “check in” to prove you’ve been there.  The Lightwave Mobile Marketing Platform keeps track of this automatically… and you can even give out “incentive” prizes along the way to keep participating contestants excited and moving along to bigger and better prizes.  Of those that complete the entire circuit, a raffle is held to determine who wins the Grand Prize!

What does Mobile Marketing mean to your Downtown Association or Chamber of Commerce?

Let’s take a look at some numbers based upon the above stated assumptions and some others:

Description Per Totals
Participating Businesses   $      30
Cost to Participating/Bus.   $    500  $15,000
Hard Costs/Business ($    325) ($ 9,150)
Total Budget for Prizes ($ 3,000) ($ 3,000)
No Risk and High Reward…

What does Mobile Marketing mean to the Participating Local Businesses?

Let’s take a look at some numbers based upon the above stated assumptions:

Description Details
Participating Businesses 30 (less yours – 29)
Customers/Business 1,000
Sha-Bammo!  Think that kind of traffic would yield more sales?!?

Everyone Wins!  The Association/Chamber makes money and each participating business has the potential to get thousands, to tens of thousands, of new customers exposed to their business.

This is just one way you can use Mobile Marketing to drive customers in your door…almost at will.

To find out more about how Lightwave Mobile and help you grow your bottom line.

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