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Dance/Comedy Clubs

Mobile Marketing for Night Clubs/Bars

Every Friday and Saturday at a Night Club or Comedy Club is like Black Friday to a retailer. It’s “Show Time!”  Wouldn’t it be great to be able to increase those weekend night crowds and bring in more mid-week business as well?

No other form of promotion is as effective as Mobile Text Marketing to bring your patrons in by the droves… and on short notice.  With a 97% overall deliverability rate, and with 84% of the messages being read within an hour of sending, nothing can match the power and accessibility of Mobile.

There are Two Parts to implementing a successful Mobile Marketing Campaign for Night Clubs/Dance Clubs/Comedy Clubs:

  1.  Building your list and
  2. Promoting to your list.

You can’t promote to a list that doesn’t exist so you need a Platform that has a variety of campaigns to help you do both.  That way you can mix it up and keep it fresh for your members. Let’s take a look at a few campaign types that could help you build and promote to your list.

1.  Build the List (partial list of possible campaigns)

  • Join our VIP List and receive Free Tickets for entry
  • Hold an “instant contest” for just those present in your Club to win prizes (Text in “contest” to 82888 and in 15 minutes we will draw a winner for a free extended warranty)
  • Birthday Club – Join and receive Free Tickets on your Birthday!

2.  Promote to the List (partial list of possible campaigns)

  • Blast out a coupon a few days before the event (Show this Text and receive a Free Drink!)
  • Blast out a text to your VIP List (Show this text and jump the Queue to the front of the line!)
  • Surveys to find out your customers likes and preferences
Respond with your musical preference for this Saturday Night!
  • 80’s
  • 90’s
  • Rap
  • Techno
Raffle for Free Tickets from all those that cast a vote!

Those are just a few of the ways you can drive customers in your door…almost at will.

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