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Golf Courses

Mobile Marketing Platform for Golf Courses


It’s three o’clock in the afternoon and your members are at work bored out of their gourd when they receive a text coupon for 50% off green fees if redeemed before 5pm that day. Right then and there they make a snap decision to leave work early and get in a few rounds before dark.

While golfing, they receive course tips to their phone from the Club Pro on how best to play each hole. Then, as they approach the end of the course, they receive a text that offers them 10% off in the Pro Shop and a free appetizer in the club house. The Club builds loyalty and you grow your bottom line.

Only Mobile Text marketing can drive business instantly in your door like that. With a 97% overall deliverability rate, and with 84% of the messages being read within an hour of sending, nothing can match the power and accessibility of Mobile.

There are Two Parts to implementing a successful Mobile Marketing Campaign for Golf Courses:

  1.  Building your list and
  2. Promoting to your list.

You can’t promote to a list that doesn’t exist so you need a Platform that has a variety of campaigns to help you do both. That way you can mix it up and keep it fresh for your members. Let’s take a look at a few campaign types that could help you build and promote to your list.

1.  Build the List (partial list of possible campaigns)

  • VIP List with incentives to help build your mobile list
  • Hold an “instant contest” for just those present to help build your list
  • Birthday Club (who golfs alone?!?)

2.  Promote to the List (partial list of possible campaigns)

  • Blast out invitations in advance of an event (Golf tournament next month…Sign Up before “x” date and receive 25% fees )
  • Get your infrequent Golfers to come in more often (Play twice this Month and get a Free Entree at the Club House)
  • Fill Open Slots (Opening for a 4th this Saturday at 7am…first to respond gets the spot and 25% off green fees!)
  • Blast out a coupon when things are slow (Come by today between 4pm and 7pm and hit a bucket of balls for 50% off!)

Those are just a few of the ways you can drive customers in your door…almost at will.

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