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Mobile Marketing for Mortgage/Real Estate Professionals

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Several buyers drive by a home you have listed and notice a sign in front of the property that reads “text ElmSt to 82888 for detailed property info”. They do and are given a link to a mobile site that has detailed information and pictures about Elm Street…simultaneously; you are sent a text with each of their respective cell phone numbers and you follow up right when they’re most interested and set an appointment to meet to discuss the property further.

One chooses to purchase the property. The others are put into automated text sequences giving them text tips about how to be a smart buyer along with alerts as new properties meeting their criteria come on the market. You stand out in the crowd of agents as cutting-edge and tech savvy thereby cementing their loyalty to purchase through you.

You refer those buyers to a mortgage broker who uses text messages to alert their clients of rate changes and when to lock their loan. S/he too uses an automated text campaign to deliver helpful tips about the loan process and how to ensure a smooth loan process. This further ingratiates your clients to you knowing that they’re working with a team of tech savvy professionals who deliver useful information in an unobtrusive and timely fashion.

Only Mobile Text marketing can drive business instantly in your door like that. With a 97% overall deliverability rate, and with 84% of the messages being read within an hour of sending, nothing can match the power and accessibility of Mobile.

There are Two Parts to implementing a successful Mobile Marketing Campaign for Mortgage Brokers and Real Estate Agents:

  1.  Building your list and
  2. Promoting to your list.

You can’t promote to a list that doesn’t exist so you need a Platform that has a variety of campaigns to help you do both. That way you can mix it up and keep it fresh for your members. Let’s take a look at a few campaign types that could help you build and promote to your list.

1.  Build the List (partial list of possible campaigns)

  • Create Buyer’s Lists by Price Range and Area so they can receive the latest listing details.
  • Open House invitations
  • Sign riders on listings to get property and financing information

2.  Promote to the List (partial list of possible campaigns)

  • Blast out market updates and rate changes
  • Send Appointment Reminders
  • Sent out automated text sequences for what they should bring to/expect from the meeting
  • Send out automated educational sequences about the sale/purchase process

Those are just a few of the ways you can drive customers in your door…almost at will.

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