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Mobile Marketing Platform for Restaurants


It’s a slow Tuesday so you blast out a text coupon at 3pm to your list of customers that if they come in between 3pm and 7pm, TODAY, they can get one free entree when they purchase one along with 2 drinks. Within hours, business surges and the day is saved.

While eating, your customers notice a table display that they can play a mobile “scratchers” game… all they have to do is text “freebie” to 82888 and they may instantly win a number of prizes ranging from nothing, up to a free burger. The four of them all play and two win nothing, one wins a free fountain drink and another wins a free dessert. The dessert looks so good; so the others decide to order desserts each so everyone has one. Cha Ching!

This is just the tip of the iceberg as to how Mobile Marketing can drive business in your door during slow times and build customer loyalty and repeat business over the long-term.

Only Mobile Text marketing can drive business instantly in your door like that. With a 97% overall deliverability rate, and with 84% of the messages being read within an hour of sending, nothing can match the power and accessibility of Mobile.

There are Two Parts to implementing a successful Mobile Marketing Campaign for Restaurants:

  1.  Building your list and
  2. Promoting to your list.

You can’t promote to a list that doesn’t exist so you need a Platform that has a variety of campaigns to help you do both. That way you can mix it up and keep it fresh for your members. Let’s take a look at a few campaign types that could help you build and promote to your list.

1.  Build the List (partial list of possible campaigns)

  • VIP List with incentives to help build your mobile list
  • Hold an “instant contest” for just those present to help build your list
  • Birthday Club (who parties alone?!?)

2.  Promote to the List (partial list of possible campaigns)

  • Buy-One-Get-One-free offer was the most effective approach, based on a survey of 796 people who opted into a national QSR mobile campaign.
  • Nearly seven in 10 preferred a BOGO offer,
  • Compared to only 22% who wanted price discounts, and
  • 6% opting for “free with purchase” promotions.

Those are just a few of the ways you can drive customers in your door…almost at will.

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