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Mobile Marketing for Automotive Sales and Service Centers

As the old adage goes, “people want to buy, they just don’t want to be “sold”… and nowhere is this more true than in car sales.   Let’s face it, most people would rather have a root canal than face the prospect of speaking with a car salesperson…so how do you lower that bar of resistance

  • To get them onto your lot,
  • Into your door, and
  • Signed on the bottom line,

all without being too pushy, yet giving them the information they need to make a buying decision?

Lightwave Mobile has the answer.  By delivering the information on the specific make and model your prospects seek in practically “real” time, when they are most curious, without a significant time expenditure on your part, you can build trust and good will 24/7/365. And what about increasing your car service business? How much more money could you make if your customers brought their cars in on a timely basis for their scheduled maintenance instead of putting it off or forgetting about it entirely?

The “Skinny” About Mobile Marketing for Car Dealerships

  • 38% of car searches for a vehicle are done from mobile handsets. A year and a half ago this was less than 5%.
  • Over 23% of all auto shoppers use mobile during the car buying process.
  • Over 40% of mobile searches  occur when the person is standing on the dealer lot
  • Over 94% of those who receive a text message will open the message, even promotional text messages
  • Mobile shoppers are rated 300% more likely to buy within 60 days compared to other shoppers
  • More than 5x as many people respond to mobile messages as compared to traditional campaigns.

There are Two Parts to implementing a successful Mobile Marketing Campaign for Car Dealerships:

  1.  Building your list and
  2. Promoting to your list.

You can’t promote to a list that doesn’t exist so you need a Platform that has a variety of campaigns to help you do both.  That way you can mix it up and keep it fresh for your members. Let’s take a look at a few campaign types that could help you build and promote to your list.

1.  Build the List (partial list of possible campaigns)

  • VIP List with incentives to help build your mobile list
  • Hold an “instant contest” for just those present on your lot and in your show room to help build your list and engage your prospects (Text in “contest” to 82888 and in 15 minutes we will draw a winner for a free extended warranty)
  • Birthday Club – We’ll bring the car of your choice right to your house for a test drive!

2.  Promote to the List (partial list of possible campaigns)

  • Blast out a coupon a few days before the event ($2,000 off of all SUV’s this weekend only!)
  • Blast out a text to your car enthusiast customers (We just got a batch of the new “x” model in, come on down for a test drive!)
  • Send out individual service reminders and promotions (Your 90 day oil change is coming up, reply “1” to schedule an appointment now)
  • Send out notifications (The parts you ordered have arrived, please call the Parts Department)

Those are just a few of the ways you can drive customers in your door…almost at will.

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