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Lightwave Mobile Marketing Platform Features

When you get right down to it, there are only two components to building a successful mobile marketing campaign…

1.  Building a list of mobile numbers (prospects/customers)
2.  Promoting to that list of mobile numbers

and while that may sound simple, as with many things, simple concepts can sometimes be difficult to implement.

Fortunately, the Lightwave Mobile Marketing Platform makes it easy for anyone to implement sophisticated mobile marketing campaigns, whether they originate via cell phone, from a QR code, or from a Web Capture Form.

To simplify the process, Lightwave Mobile developed a proprietary scheduling calendar that’s simple and intuitive.  Just pick the date you want to send the campaign and Lightwave Mobile’s scheduling screens walk you through the process.  No muss, no fuss, no bother!

And when it comes to campaign variety, Lightwave Mobile has you covered.  We took the basic campaigns that other platforms provide and spun them around, souped them up and injected them with steroids to make them more powerful and versatile.

Add to those our proprietary campaigns, designed to help you get more customers and make more money, and you have a winning platform that is unlike any other.

The following is a list of currently available campaigns. (Keep your eyes open as we’ll have several more charged campaigns coming soon!)

Mobile Marketing Scheduling Calendar

Scheduling your campaigns is just a click away on our proprietary scheduling calendar. Just choose your date, click the button and straight forward, early to follow screens walk you from beginning to end in a matter of minutes.



Mobile Marketing Mobile Coupons

Want to get business in your door…NOW! Just send out a coupon to your mobile phone list and within minutes, your fans know that if they come in within the next few hours, they can get a deal on your products and services!  No other form of advertising can get your coupon into your customer’s pockets that fast.


Mobile Marketing Platform Fishbowl
Mobile Marketing “Text to Win”

In the classic “fishbowl” promotion, business people put their card in the fishbowl for a chance to win a drawing. Imagine you use a mobile “fishbowl” campaign where instead of customers putting their cards in the fishbowl, they text in a shortcode and you capture their phone number.  And, since you captured their phone number during the contest, you can then push promotions out to them when you want more business!

Mobile Marketing Platform Birthday_Anniversary
Mobile Marketing Event Anniversary

Last time we checked, every one of your customers has a birthday and at least one special annual recurring date like an anniversary.  Most would gladly trade their phone number in exchange for some sort of freebie on their special day(s).  And as we all know, most of us don’t like to celebrate alone. So, while you’re giving away one freebie, you’ll likely get several full price customers along with it.


Mobile Marketing Platform Raffle
Mobile Marketing Raffles/Instant Contests

If your business hosts large groups of people, then Instant Contests can build your mobile list while providing fun for your customers. You announce to your customers that all those who text in the keyword within the next 10 minutes will be eligible to win.  Your customers get excited to text in the keyword and when you select a winner or winners, everyone wins…they win prizes, you win repeat customers.


Mobile Marketing Platform Survey
Mobile Marketing Polls and Surveys

Want to know what your customers think?  Want to know more detailed information about their gender, their age, their income?  The more you know about your customers, the better you can market to them. You’ll be amazed at what you learn and how you can use that information for future promotions.


Mobile Marketing Platform Water Drop
Mobile Marketing Autoresponder and Drip Campaigns

Send your customers a series of instructional/reminder communications prior to an event, follow up with them after an event or just provide helpful or inspirational information ongoing.
Sending a series of informational texts is a great way to provide a high level of service and information – all on autopilot.


Mobile Marketing Platform calendar
Mobile Marketing Appointment Reminders…on Steroids!

The Lightwave Mobile Marketing Platform not only enables you to send out a series of reminders, it also allows the recipient to let you know if they can make it or not.  And if not, it provides you the opportunity to send notifications to your database offering an incentive to the first to respond.  Additionally, Lightwave Mobile’s proprietary delivery system can determine which phones are NOT mobile numbers and it sends a recorded voice message, ensuring the delivery rates in the industry!

Mobile Marketing Platform Lottery Scratcher
Mobile Marketing Scratchers

The Lightwave Mobile Scratchers Contest uses texts to determine the player if they’ve won something…and what it is.  The prizes and the odds are completely customizable by you.
It’s a great way to build your mobile list and provide excitement. Later, when you want to promote a special offer out to your list, you’ll have that many more possibilities for more customers to come in to take advantage of your offer! A win-win for everyone.

Mobile Marketing Platform Scavenger Hunt
Mobile Marketing Scavenger Hunt

The Lightwave Mobile Marketing Platform exclusive Scavenger Hunt feature allows your association to run its own scavenger hunt with clues and incentives delivered via text message.  Drive hundreds if not thousands of new customers into each of the participating businesses during The Hunt and build a list of future promotions.  And best of all…it actually makes you money!  And we’re talking thousands to tens of thousands of dollars each time you run it. Not bad!


Mobile Marketing Tracking Codes
Mobile Marketing Coupon Tracking Codes

With tracking codes, each recipient receives a unique code (alphanumeric) that they then submit at the time of payment.  The employee then checks the code to determine if it’s valid and/or if it’s already been redeemed.  If not, then the customer receives the discount or value-add. If so, then they are told the code is no longer valid and the entire bill is payable. You’re protected from abuse and you can assemble data on your customers buying habits.

Mobile Marketing Platform Web Form
Mobile Marketing Web Forms

The more ways you can capture prospect and customer information, the larger your list, the greater the chance you have of increasing your income.  This is clearly a case where more is better.  Lightwave Mobile makes it easy to create web forms, insert them into your websites and blogs and grow your list.


Mobile Marketing Mobile Website
Mobile Marketing Mobile Website

A mobile website differs from your main website in that it designed specifically to address a customer’s primary interests when searching your business on their phone.  Most commonly, people using mobile when searching a business are looking for the following information:

  • Phone number
  • Address
  • Directions to that address
  • Product/services with pictures (if appropriate)
  • Any Specials or Promotions

Further, a mobile website is designed to be easily read on a small screen… large buttons with a clean and simplistic background.

Lightwave Mobile makes it easy for you to build mobile websites that are attractive and effective in minutes.